Crisis & Issue Management

Today, every organization has to face complex problems that can turn into bad reputation and business situations. This also takes into account the different perception by the public opinion of the risk factors and in particular of their acceptance. The current scenario brings companies and organizations to adopt a different, global and, above all, strategic approach to the crisis management by forestalling events.

Many problems that companies face today, if not dealt properly, can influence the attitudes and the decisions of consumers or of decision makers, thus damaging the reputation or the growth of a company.

Having strategic analytical skills does not mean predicting the future, which is obviously impossible, but evaluating any possible development, by identifying trends and drivers, and the factors that will shape the future so that the decision makers can plan their own strategies and implement their policies. A strategic analysis, therefore, is useful to influence the future and not to foresee it, to identify the opportunities and methods, to influence the course of the events, and to protect the interests to be safeguarded. In this sense, the analysis provides an essential strategic know-how to the decision maker.

Thanks to the expertise of our partners we can put in place structured solutions for preventing and contrasting dangers, threats and damages to the integrity of any complex organizations.

Thanks to our expertise in public affairs, government relations and institutional communication we can develop targeted strategies to prevent, tackle and manage crises in the most effective way:

Crisis preparedness planning: preparing the company and the management to effectively anticipate and to respond to emergencies.

Crisis management: defending the company in the event of crisis.

Crisis recovery: rebuilding or strengthening the company’s reputation through post-crisis communication plans.

Reducing uncertainty: reducing any uncertainty about objectives, intentions, skills and actions of the stakeholders, decision-makers and competitors by identifying risks and opportunities,

Issue Management: supporting our customers in driving the debate on controversial issues, at whatever level.

Our services:

  • Emergency Planning
    Action and Response Tools and Procedures.
  • Vulnerability Analysis
    Identifying Areas of Potential Crisis, Scenarios, and Strategies.
  • Creation of the crisis committee
  • Crisis Manuals
  • Simulation of crisis situations
  • Training of spokesmen
  • Front-end training
  • Building Alliances
  • Media and institutional monitoring
  • Rapid response monitoring

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