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Ethics and code of conduct

Mulberry & Partners’ reputation is based on the compliance with these principles and values. All actions undertaken by our employees must comply with M&P’s Code of Conduct.

M&P’s Code of Conduct sets the expectations we place in our people. The Code of Conduct (hereinafter “Code”) has been approved by the Shareholders’ Meeting of M&A.

The managers and employees of the companies belonging to M&P acknowledge their obligations toward all those who have a legitimate interest or role in its success: members, customers, employees and suppliers .

Any information about our business shall be disclosed in a clear, accurate and non-discriminatory way, in compliance with the local legislation.

We select and promote our employees on the basis of their qualifications and merits, without any discrimination with regard to race, religion, nationality, colour, sex, sexual orientation, age or disability .

We believe that a work environment must be safe and respectable; we don’t tolerate any kind of sexual harassment, discrimination or offensive behaviour, nor anything that involves the persistent denigration of a person through words or behaviours, the disclosure of offensive material, the possession or the use of weapons within the premises of M&P and of its customers.

We don’t own, use or distribute illegal substances, nor come to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

We process all information regarding M&P and its clients as confidential. In particular, insider trading is expressly forbidden and confidential information shall not be used for personal purposes.

We don’t conscientiously produce statements, references or offensive images against the public decency, and we take in due account the impact that our work may have on the minorities of the population, of any race, religion, nationality, colour, sex, sexual orientation, age or disability.

We don’t perform any activity in conflict with another company of M&P’s group, or with our obligations toward one of these companies, for personal or familiar benefits, both in direct and indirect way.

We don’t offer personal gifts or incentives to acquire new jobs or customers. This is not a prohibition to any decent and fair entertainment, or to occasional gifts having small value, unless the customer has a specific restrictive policy for this.

We don’t accept, to our personal benefit, products or services of higher value than their nominal value by suppliers, potential suppliers or other third parties.

We don’t have any personal or family conflict of interest with our business, our suppliers, or other third parties with whom we are in business.

No corporate contribution of any kind, including the provision of services or materials at a price lower than the market price, may be made to politicians, political parties or interest groups without the prior written authorization of M&P’s Management Board and the prior consent of its members.

We shall, if applicable, comply with all applicable local laws and regulations, as well as with any other provision of national and international law. Any potential or real conflict with this Code shall be promptly reported to M&P’s Corporate Management.